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    Do you struggle with organization? Are you ready to finally get organized? Look no further than Closet Designs and More for the perfect way to organize your home—no matter what you need organized! From organizing your bedroom, bathroom, garage, kitchen, or laundry room, Closet Designs and More can create custom solutions for any type of home in the Roswell, GA area.

    How We Work

    No kitchen is exactly the same, and neither is the kitchen pantry. With our customized solution, you can finally get the kitchen pantry of your dreams. Do you need ample storage space for your high-tech kitchen equipment? Are you looking for customized space for food storage? Do you want extra room for snacks and baking basics? If you want a more organized pantry, look no further than Closet Designs and More. We can ensure that your pantry holds everything you use and need with the ease of a customized and organized closet. With the ability to utilize every space (including those awkward corners and cramped spaces), we can ensure that you love your new tidy, sensible, and organized kitchen space. 


    If you would like a free consultation for a space in your home, we have a standard process that we follow. Once you schedule an appointment, we will assess your closet needs and inventory the area you’d like to design and install a new storage solution. After working with our cutting-edge computer design software to design your closet, we start on the installation. After a quick one-day turn around for installation, you can enjoy your new closet!

    Our Services

    Here at Closet Designs and More, we offer many different solutions for your organization needs. We’ve installed many different designs, including traditional clothing closets, tool closets, laundry closets, and more. Here are just a few of the spaces we typically customize, though we are able to help with any custom projects you have in mind.


    • Custom Closet Design

    • Closet Organizer

    • Custom Walk-In Closet Design

    • Home Offices

    • Laundry Rooms

    • Kitchen Pantries


    High-Quality Services

    We at Closet Designs and More are extremely proud of our high-quality customer service and our materials. Our contractors and closet designers have years of experience making people’s closet dreams come true. With our expertise, Closet Designs and More can provide you with the great organizational elements and storage solutions for any and every budget.