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    Is organization your weak point? Is your home constantly a mess? Wondering what you can do to make organizing things easier?  Look no further than Closet Designs and More for the perfect way to organize your home closets. Closet Designs and More can create custom solutions for any family home in Duluth, GA, from organizing your bedroom, bathroom, garage, kitchen, or laundry room closets to perfection.

    High-Quality Services

    One of the first things we like our customers to know about is our high quality customer service. Our contractors and designers are some of the best in the business. With years of experience, they can make your closet organization dreams come true—whatever those dreams may be. We love providing our customers the best storage solutions for any and every budget.

    Our Services

    Closet Designs and More knows how difficult it is to keep your home clean from clutter, which is why we offer many different solutions for your organization needs. With so many different designs, including traditional clothing closets, walk-in closets, tool closets, laundry closets, and kitchen pantries, we have just the idea to make items throughout the home fit wherever they need to fit. We usually customize the following areas in the homes, though we have the ability to customize others:


    • Garage Storage

    • Custom Closet Design

    • Custom Walk-In Closet Design

    • Laundry Rooms

    • Kitchen Pantries

    • Home Offices

    • Closet Organizer

    If you have something specific in mind that you need closet organization for, feel free to contact one of our many customer service representatives to discuss your project and set up a free consultation.

    How We Work

    No bedroom is exactly the same, and neither are closets. With our customized solution for building out your closet to create exactly what you need, you can finally find those beautiful scarves from vacations, each of your bags, as well as your shirts, pants, and shoes.

    Wondering where to keep all of your shoes? Concerned about finding space for your linens? Wanting to organize your lingerie drawer? We have solutions for all and more. With our unique design software, we can produce 3D rendering of your closet space to design the perfect storage solution for you. With the ability to build out storage into the tiniest and most awkward of spaces, we can make sure that you love your new sensible, tidy, and organized closet space.


    If you are wanting a consultation for a closet space, (like your dream walk-in closet) here’s just a bit of information about how we work. After you schedule an appointment, we can assess and inventory your closet. After working with our specialized design software to build out your closet or area, we can start at once on the installation. It usually only take one day for installation, so we get in and out of your home with little to no mess. After installation, you can enjoy your new closet for the rest of your life!