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    Custom Closets and Storage Solutions in Alpharetta

    Ready to get organized? You’ll be amazed at the difference in your home when you organize with custom closets. At Closet Designs and More, our custom solutions are not just for bedrooms--we can help you organize, tidy, and stylize each room of your Alpharetta house. Imagine clearing the clutter in your mudroom, family room, laundry room, and garage. We have the right closet system for you.

    Bedroom Closeting

    No bedroom is exactly the same, and neither is the bedroom closet. With our customized solution, you can finally get the walk-in closet of your dreams. Do you need ample storage space for your beloved shoes? Do you need tall hanging storage for suits and dresses? If your closet seems cramped, crowded, and unorganized, we can help. With hanging rods, cubbies, and floor-to-ceiling shelves, we can help utilize every bit of space in your bedroom closet. You will love the tidy, sensible, organized result, and we’re sure you will look forward to entering your closet each morning.

    Garage Organizing

    Our team in Alpharetta is excited to help you work organization miracles in your garage. While many people use the garage to stash old junk that they will never be able to find again, your garage can be an impeccable space to organize your possessions. Are you ready to make room to park your cars in the garage again? You don’t even have to throw away all of your stuff. With floor-to-ceiling shelving, pegs, boards, hooks, and other custom tools, you can make plenty of room for everything. We’ll customize shelves and cupboards for your gardening supplies, handyman tools, kids’ toys, and everything in between.

    Laundry Room Nirvana

    We know you probably see your laundry room as nothing more than a place for chores, but we’re here to change that. Nirvana is not as far off as you think! Spiff up your laundry room with customized, organized shelves and you can have a neat, stylish, welcoming room that doubles as a mud room and linen storage space. We’ll even provide design ideas to ensure the finished room is functional, beautiful, and the envy of the town. Call us now for your consultation!