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    What You Need to Design the Perfect Aesthetic Closet

    Coming up with beautiful closet design ideas can be difficult. Unlike your living room or your dining room, your closet is a space only for you. You want a closet that is going to provide you with the organization you need while looking exactly how you picture it in your head. Many people may not know exactly what kind of custom shelving or closet systems are available. If you do know what choices you have, it can be difficult determining exactly what you need. There are so many closet installations out there that make it difficult to know where to begin. Here’s a quick overview and guide to designing the aesthetic closet for you.

    Getting Started

    One of the first things you have to consider when designing a closet is what is going to be stored there. This is how you determine what systems and shelving you’re going to need. If you have primarily clothes that can be hanged, you won’t need as much drawer space. If you have a large selection of shoes, maybe a cubby system would work best for you. Your closet should suit your needs. If you have a lot of clutter, now would be a good time to go through and sort out clothes or items that you don’t need any more. If it doesn’t fit or it’s too ragged to wear, you probably don’t need it. Take inventory of what you have to store, and then you can begin searching for your storage options.


    Drawers are going to be great for when you want something to be easy to access, but you don’t necessarily want it to be seen all the time. This means your private wear, jewelry, or other small objects. You want to make sure not to have drawers that are placed too high. Somewhere around your chest is a good place to stop. You can also use dividers in the drawers to make an even more organized layout.


    Widely customizable and easy to install, shelves are going to be used for anything you would like on display and with easy access. Slanted shelves make great shoe organizers if you have a wide selection. Make sure to keep your heavier items on the lower shelves so that you don’t risk injuring yourself attempting to get them off of a higher shelf. You can also keep items that you will use frequently closer to the center. This will prevent you from having to bend and stretch as much.


    You’re probably familiar with these. Rods are generally used for the majority of your clothes and are the most straightforward to use. You want to be careful not to install a part of the rod somewhere that is difficult to reach. Difficulty and frustration is not what you want from a good closet design.

    Customizing the Appearance

    This wide considered the most fun step. You’re going to be selecting the fine details to really make the most out of your closet. You can add custom lighting in the form of recessed lights or even a hanging lamp. You can run crown molding around the edges to really make your closet pop. Additionally, consider what kind of wood you want your systems to be made out of to really accent the area. If you’re looking for some assistance on these finer details and you just can’t come to a decision, try contacting a business specializing in closet designs in Atlanta. They’re going to be able to provide you with the guidance you need to really bring your closet up to the quality that you desire.