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    Avoid These 2 Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Closet

    You’ve started looking at some custom closet designs. You’re feeling educated on the topic. You’re feeling ready to get started working on making your closet the perfect closet for you. However, are you confident that everything will go smoothly? A few simple mistakes can take your closet from dream to nightmare. Here are 2 of the most common mistakes that people make and how to avoid them.

    Not Measuring Correctly

    Many people are inclined to rush the measurement process, because they’re excited to begin working on their custom closet systems. Unfortunately, this can ruin a project before it’s even started. Even the slightest measuring error can cause innumerable issues. Not measuring properly can mean that the custom closet organizers you bought won’t even be able to fit in your closet. Maybe they do fit, but there’s too much extra space around them and now your closet has wasted, unusable space. You could be installing panels, but without perfect measurements you could have gaps, odd slants, or even the blocking off of accessible areas.

    Measuring perfectly prevents those issues and gives you more options when you’re shopping for systems or organizers to put into your closet. You know what you can buy, if you can modify it, and how you can modify it. This allows you to shop a little bit more freely, and you can make confident decisions. No longer will you be making guesswork as to whether something will work for you.

    Improper Lighting

    You’ve designed and built an incredible closet. You walk in and flip the light switch. Unfortunately, you still can’t see anything. Your single light source can’t illuminate the insides of your organizers. Maybe the light source is blocked by shelves and clothing. What’s the point in a gorgeous custom closet when you can’t even see what’s inside of it? Improper lighting can completely overshadow the amount of work you put into your closet. There are a variety of options to consider when lighting a closet for maximum aesthetic appeal and general usability.

    If you have a space with a lot of areas that will cast shadow, avoid using only ceiling lights. This means cubby areas, areas with sunken storage spaces, and stacked shelves. These areas can be lit very well by using LED strip lights. LEDs use very little power, provide a great amount of light, and can be placed almost anywhere without worry. Because they won’t generally burn as hot as other types of lighting, you don’t have to worry about giving them too much space.

    If you opted for a walk-in closet or a closet with large, open spaces, feel free to use ceiling lighting. There are many stylish options that you can choose to really push the aesthetic of the space forward. Recessed lights are incredibly popular, look great, and provide excellent lighting for your space. Check with a custom closet company in Atlanta to make sure that you’re making the best choice for lighting your space.

    Get Help

    Designing and building a fantastic closet can be difficult. There are so many things to consider when designing a closet that it can get to be overwhelming. Sometimes things may slip through the cracks. If you’re not feeling fully confident about your closet, that’s completely understandable. Check with businesses that work on and design custom closets in Atlanta to ensure that your closet is going to be the perfect space for you.