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    6 Ways to Prepare for Your Custom Closet Installation

    You’ve spent hours designing and redesigning the space for your custom closet. Now it’s time for the installation. While you might think that it’s the contractor’s job to do all of the prep work and heavy lifting, there are a few things you need to do before the installation can happen.

    To ensure that your space is all ready for the custom closet company in Atlanta to begin, here are a few things that you need to do.

    ·         Clean out the area. In order for the contractors to be able to install your new closet, all of your personal belongings need to be removed from your current space. This is an excellent time for you to de-clutter and get rid of any shoes, purses, and clothing items that you no longer wear. Consider donating all unused items to a charity or clothing drive. Any movable fixtures will also need to be taken out. This includes shelves, cleats, baseboards, and clothing rods. Leaving your space as bare as possible makes it easier for your custom closet company to do their job.

    ·         Paint. Many homeowners decide to paint the new closet area before having the custom closet installed. If you are looking to change the wall color or ceiling color, it’s best to do so a few days before your scheduled install. This allows your new color to dry completely before the installers arrive.

    ·         New flooring. Nothing will make your custom closet pop more than replacing whatever flooring you currently have in the closet. Because it will be laborious to remove the flooring after your closet has been installed, it’s recommended that you do so beforehand. If you are keeping your existing flooring material, make sure that you clean it thoroughly before your install date.

    ·         Remove decorations. Because a new closet is light construction, it’s important to remove decorations, paintings, and mirrors that could be damaged in the process. This gives the installers a clear area to work with and reduces the risk of your belongings being destroyed.  

    ·         Keep your kids and pets out of the area. If you have small children or animals at home, it’s a good idea to schedule a playdate or do something to keep them occupied. Because there will be construction tools and materials lying around during the install, keeping them away from the space reduces the chances of injury. Pets should be kept outside or in a separate room to prevent accidents and to keep them out of the way of your installers.

    ·         Plan out the aftermath. Once your closet has been installed, the fun really begins. Take the time to design your new space to suit your taste. Accent pieces like chars, rugs, and footstools offer the perfect finishing touches. Also, be sure to plan out exactly how you will organize your new space. With plenty of shelving, racks, rods, and cubbies available for your belongings, placing your clothing in a designated location will keep your custom closet looking neat.

    If your date for your custom closet installation in Atlanta is fast approaching, it’s time to prepare your space. By following these tips and tricks, your area will be ready and waiting once your installers arrive.