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    5 Easy Ways to Select the Most Suitable Closet Design

    Are you looking to improve your closet but don’t know where to start? Knowing just a couple things that you want in a closet design can go a long way when finding the right fit for you. Here are 5 things to look for and consider when looking to revamp your closet.


    How much closet room is considered the perfect amount? Well, that completely depends upon you, and how many clothes you wear on a regular basis. A common mistake for people renovating their closet is to add more shelves and drawers for the clothes they own. A better idea is to go through all the clothes you own and separate what you wear from what you can donate. Freeing up space and minimizing the clothes you own helps with clutter and aesthetics.


    Many people have a closet that is wood-grain or pure white. Both of these are fine, but can also be a bit plain. Finding a color scheme that compliments the clothes that you wear will make your room and wardrobe look appealing and attractive. Spend some time finding the shades and colors that you are naturally attracted to and design your closet around these.


    Remodeling or redesigning to fit more clothes is tempting, but can also be a mistake when some clever brain-storming can solve the problem. Having a design that is practical will always win out over something cute but painstakingly frustrating to clean or use. Drawers with easily graspable handles, easy-to-open drawers and cabinets can be both cute and easy to use without being frustrating or needlessly specific. Don’t get a shoe-rack if a basket will due, and don’t get hanging beads or a curtain if you spend a lot of time in your closet.


    Keeping your closet clean will prevent a lot of problems that can quickly get out of hand. Let your clothes breathe occasionally and don’t put any damp or still-drying clothes in a corner without giving them room to finish drying.



    This goes along the lines of cleanliness, but needs to be mentioned nonetheless. A good closet design can help and encourage good habits. However, the best closet design in the world won’t help unless you do the work of keeping things where they are supposed to go. Even if you do have a lot of space in your closet, stuffing clothes haphazardly and without order will cause a lot of that space to disappear very quickly. Putting in the work to have a good closet design should be rewarded with good habits, and doing so will always be worth the effort. 

    Choosing the right closet design can take time and a lot of brain-storming. Have fun with it and be creative! Keep space, color, practicality, cleanliness, and organization in mind and having a design that is both attractive and easy to utilize will be a breeze. When all else fails, hiring a professional for closet design in Atlanta can help.